managementtest_finalManagement Potential Assessment (MPA)

You’ve found an employee with a strong resume and skills for management. Want to know what strengths and weaknesses the candidate has for a supervisory role? The Management Potential Assessment (MPA) provides an integrated picture of the whole person’s work style preferences. This online test is perfect for banks that are currently:

  1. Adding or replacing key positions
  2. Hiring managers or supervisors
  3. Wanting accurate insight on employees’ work behavior



How The MPA Works
The MPA uses validated personality tests to evaluate the strengths that a person brings to the job in five work-related Behavior Clusters:

  1. Work Style
  2. Management Style
  3. Dealing with People
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Mental Toughness

In addition to the detailed Results Report which explains the likely behavior you will see on the job in each behavior cluster, you will also receive a report that can be given to the new employee. This report, the Professional Development Guide, includes specific feedback about the person’s results and self-paced, constructive suggestions for professional growth and development.

Order The MPA Today
Learn how to best train and develop new employees to be effective on the job using this secure, online employee test. The 45-minute test is easy to take and we’ll email you the results in a quick turnaround.